Light and Tacky Weight Loss Diets for Women

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Weight loss is not boring after all. If you want you can spice up your experience. How? You can replace your workout routine with a favorite sport of yours and adding some healthy yet tasty snacks. To help you, we are giving you some light and healthy snacks to add in your weight loss diets for women.


  • Kale Chips

Kale chips don’t only make a good weight loss food but these are also mouth watering. Just watch your sauce and you are good to go.  These chips are an ideal replacement for potato chips and these help you save calories with slash sodium. Try to take these with olive oil and season them with salt and pepper.  It will be the best snack you ever had.

  • Unsalted Nuts

This is a good to go snack, it will not only help you to lose weight but it also lowers the change of heart problems. Eating unsalted or unprocessed nuts is one of the best weight loss diets for women.  Not to mentioned their satiating fiber and good fats, you should always have a handful of these in your bag.

  • Raw Vegetables

This might be a bit of challenge but raw veggies have a lot more benefits than just helping your lose weight. If you are worried about bad taste, don’t worry there are some tastier alternatives such as snap peas. So don’t be afraid to take your carrots raw next time.

  • Banana and Peanut Butter

This remains a favorite among nutritionists. Banana and peanut butter is a combo of both fiber and protein. This will help you to achieve your ideal weight by helping you staying full for hours. To make sure you don’t eat too much calories, have a couple of these carefully wrapped up or packed in your bag.