Top 8 Signs of Water Damage

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A small crack in the pipe or faucet can cause great property damage if left unchecked. The water slowly seeps inside the floors, walls, and roofs, which gradually leads to water buildup that can wreak havoc to your property. That’s why it’s important that you know the signs of water damage before it causes extensive damage to the property. Delay in responding in a timely manner to resolve such issues may not only exponentially increase the extent of water damage, but in certain cases, it may also void home insurance coverage for water damage.

Below you will find top 8 signs of water damage to look out for when moving into a new home or preventing further damage to your existing property.


1. Peeling Paints on Ceilings or Walls

When water accumulates inside the walls or ceilings due to a burst pipe or other reasons, the paint will start to peel off and crack. The color of the paint may also change due to the presence of excessive moisture. You should seek out professional help in case you detect peeling or discoloration of the paint inside the house.

2. Crumbling Concrete on the Ceiling or Walls

Excessive water presence can cause concrete on the ceilings and walls to crack and start to fall. This poses a serious threat to the lives of the occupants. The best defense is to call a water damage restoration expert to inspect the area to determine cause of water intrusion. The specialist will then take remedial action such as waterproofing underlayment or applying elastomeric coating to the affected area to resolve the issue.

3. Rotting Wood Structure

Another sign of water damage is rotting wood structure. If the wooden beams, wood furniture, or anything else made of wood placed near the walls starts to rot, it may give indication of water damage. Any damage done to the wooden beam can greatly reduce structural integrity of the home. So, it’s necessary that you call for professional help immediately to fix the issue.

4. Swelling of Walls or Ceilings

In some cases, the drywall or ceiling will swell and buckle due to water damage. The swelling is caused because the walls and ceilings have absorbed too much water. This may happen instantly after events such as an intense storm, or gradually over time as a result of minor pipe leakage.

5. Rusting of Appliances or Pipes

Another sign of probable water damage is rusting of appliances or pipes. Water is a key element in corrosion and rusting. It corrodes all objects made of metals when it comes in contact with them. So, if you see rusted pipes or any other related items inside the home, you should consider calling a professional to resolve the issue.

6. Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew thrive in moist areas. Mold and mildew can easily be identified as a patch of black, green, gray, or white fungus that is lying on the surface of a moist area. They also create a distinctive musty smell. If you detect their presence inside the house, then know that you have water problem around the area.

7. Wet Walls

Wet walls are another indication of water damage inside the home. The wall may become wet due to water seeping inside through a crack. This can also be due to downspouts, overflowing gutters, and various other reasons.

8. Listen for the Leaks

Finally, an easy way to confirm water damage inside the home is to stop and listen. Go to areas where you detect signs of water damage and then carefully listen. You may sometimes hear the water dripping through your roof or leaking through the pipes.

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On a final note, it’s essential that you keep an eye out for the above signs of water damage inside your home. In case you detect presence of water damage, you must take action immediately to prevent further damage to your property. A water damage restoration expert can verify water damage inside the home and take remedial actions to fix the issue.