Attractions You Must See in Loxahatchee Florida

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The beautiful lion country Safari

Anyone visiting the beautiful Loxahatchee Florida should ensure that they do not miss out an opportunity to visit the lion country Safari which are undoubtedly one of the most special tourist attractions in the Florida area. For many decades Florida has been one of the absolutely most popular tourist attractions for people from all over the planet. The reason for this is that there are so much versatility in this state and there so many different things to be done that no one will ever be able to say that they were bored or that they could not find something which interested them. They are places like Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and also Miami which continues to attract millions of people annually. Each of these destinations have their own special brand of attractions that caters to most of the vacation needs that people may have. People could be in Florida for many years and in that time that often visit less than 10% of the attractions which are available. One of the places which certainly deserve to be considered by tourists is the lion country Safari in Loxahatchee which is a favorite among many people who has been fortunate enough to visit this attraction.

Established almost 50 years ago

The lion country Safari has been in business since 1967 and it provides tourists with the same kind of experience which are provided by a large wildlife parks such as the Kruger national Park in South Africa. This is an area where wild animals are allowed to roam freely and they are not locked away in cages such as in zoos. This allows the visitor to drive through the park in their motor vehicle and if they are lucky enough they might be able to get very close to the various kinds of animals which are found in this wildlife Park. It is not surprising that the original idea behind this lion country Safari originated from a group of British and South African individuals who were eager to provide US citizens with a true wildlife experience without the need to travel to Africa. This park has grown tremendously over the last couple of decades and today there are apparently more than 1000 species of animals which could be seen by tourists that are visiting this park.

The famous Florida whether

Because of the excellent weather conditions which are generally experienced in Florida throughout the year the lion country Safari are always open for visitors. This allows visitors to enjoy all of the wildlife and the plant life which are found with in this beautiful park. For those who would like to get some exercise while visiting the park there is actually as a section where people can get out of their vehicles and experience the wildlife on foot. Whatever option you may choose there can be no doubt that the lion country Safari provides the tourists with an outstanding experience. Many of the visitors prefer to visit during the times when animals are fed and this normally happens around 10:30 AM. This is just one more proof of the excellent tourist opportunities which are available within the Florida area.

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