Cell Phone Health Warnings Clear- Do not hold Your Cell Phone Next to Your Head!

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The cell phone health warning debate is over for many mobile phone users. And the fear of cell phone carriers of losing customers was not well founded. Many cell phone stores refused to offer “radiation protective” products. Now carriers are finding out there is no dropping off of customer usage even with the growing market of knowledgeable health concerned users.


However, this mobile phone users now are looking for effective ways to protect themselves from exceeded radiation and the resulting brain tumors so many health experts have been warning them about.

The message is clear, keep your phone away from your body, unless you have some type of radiation protection on your phone. Still not convinced?  Cell phone manufacturers print health warnings in your user manual regarding potential exceeded radiation levels. Pay Attention!. There are options to protect yourself.

Radiation Blocking Cell Phone cases are an excellent way to block cell phone radiation directed to the brain. All phone cases do not block radiation unless they are manufactured to do so. And anti-radiation phone cases that attached to the back of your phone offer no radiation blocking benefit from the radiation directed out of the front of the phone towards your head. And back mounted radiation blocking cases may reflect back the radiation to the front of the phone doubling the exposure to your brain. Ouch!

One of the best solutions for radiation protection are flip cover phone cases. Cruz Cases (www.CruzCases.com) block up to 99.9% of cell phone radiation directed towards the brain when holding next to your head without interfering with cell tower reception. And Cruz Cases (www.Cruzcases.com) is constructed in a various colorful designer cases, offered at a reasonable price.

“An effective radiation protective case begins with the correct frequency blocking material. But the manufacturing process must be correct or the shielding quality will be weakened”, says John Cruz, Founder of Cruz Cases. (http://www.linkedin.com/in/johncruzutah/)

Cruz Cases offer radiation phone cases to over 27 cell phones. Each case includes card holders, video view kick stand and soft touch material that feel great in the hand. To use, open the case flip lid to answer or make a call. Then immediately close the flip lid and talk through the flip lid with perfect clarity. It’s simple and effective. The radiation signals are reflected away from your head.

Your beloved cell phone can be continued to be enjoyed for years to come with the proper radiation blocking cell phone case. For more information please view http://youtu.be/7LkSFIvCz-Q?rel=0