Finding the Best Dentist and Dental Practitioners in your Area

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At least 8% of Americans suffer from fear of going to the dentist. But whether you are one of the 8% or not, you need to find the best dentist or dental care specialist near you before it’s too late. We all know that going to your dentist regularly can prevent tooth problems like tooth abscesses or loss of teeth.

Mouth and teeth problems are prevalent in children and teens. You should be proactive when looking for dentists near your area, to put you at ease and also saves you time when you face a tooth emergency. Here are some tips on how to properly find a good dentist that suits your needs.

Dental Practitioners

Ask for referrals

You can ask your friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers for referrals. Ask them in case they know a good dentist in your area. It is the best way to find a good dentist to provide dental care to your family since people close to you will not recommend someone who they think is not good enough. You can also ask dentists for referrals if you can’t afford their services. Dentists will recommend their fellow dentists who they think would fit your budget.

Not every dentist has the same asking price. Dentist’s asking price depends on their experience and the materials they use as well as the skill level of the dentist. If you want the best, expect to spend more money. If you are new to the area, your best bet to ask for referrals is the nearest local hospital.

You can also ask your insurance providers for a recommendation of the dentist that their company covers. If you are out of the country, you can ask the consulate for any suggestions. I’m pretty sure that they will recommend the best dentist available for their fellow citizen.

Consider the logistics

Even if you find the best dentist in the country if they are not practicing near your area, it’s no use. It is common sense to look for a dentist that is within your state or if possible, at most, an hour ride from your house or from where you work. Check their office hours to make sure that it fits with your schedule.

If it needs for you to take a day off to have an appointment, chances are, you will miss the appointment, for some unexplained reasons (laziness!) If you are looking for a dentist for your kids, you need to consider the dentist’s experience with children. It is imperative for children to have a good experience with dentists from the onset.

Consider the logistics

Use the phone

It is a little traditional or primitive, but Yellow Pages or classified ads is one way to find a good dentist in your area. Pick up the phone and call their office. Logistically, it is best to use the Yellow Pages or classified ads because you can make sure that every dentist listed are within your area.

When you call, make sure to ask important questions in regard to dental care, their experience, office hours and their asking price for their service. When calling, you need to consider whether they are answering the phone call professionally, are they eager to answer all your queries or are they distracted or impatient?

All of these are important because you need to feel welcomed when you are visiting a dentist’s clinic. The first impression is important when you are making a decision.

Ask important questions

When you are looking for a dentist, you need to ask as many questions as you can, in regards to their services. You can ask them if they offer corrective or preventative dental care, if they perform cosmetic or reconstructive dentistry, if they have x-ray facilities in their clinic, or if they can see you after office hours in case of emergency.

You also need to find out if they ask for a deposit or if you need to pay upfront, if you are asking for a consultation or if they accept patients that are covered by the insurance policy. If the first call goes well, check out the clinic to see how professional their clinic looks or how the atmosphere in the clinic feels like.

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Use the Internet, especially Google

Take advantage of today’s technology when looking for the best dentist in your area. Use Google’s local search to pinpoint nearby dental practitioners accurately. You can also visit their website or their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

But you need to make sure these sites are up-to-date because some practitioners don’t regularly update their social media sites, as well as their business website, any changes in their address, are sometimes not updated in their websites.

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