Dentist Strathroy, Helping You for Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom teeth is the one of four third molars that is found in permanent dentition. These are the most posterior teeth in dental arch. Although most people have these but it is possible for some that some or all of these never develop. It is also possible for a person to have more than four of these. In many cases, these teeth are not visible as they are under the gingival tissue.


How to Know you Have them?

According to Strathroy Dentist, you can examine your mouth to find three permanent molars in each dental quadrant. In case the teeth is impacted under the tissue, you need to verify the presence with radiograph. The panoramic radiograph is preferred to help asses angle of eruption and sate of development of tooth. Most of these are visualized erupting via gingiva.

These grow in early adulthood between ages of 16 to 23. Moreover, people feel their effect before their presence. Erupting wisdom teeth leads to the feeling of Pressure in back of jaws and your dentist you be able to inform you about the developing situation.

Do all these need to be extracted?

Not all these teeth needs to be extracted. When it erupts cleanly via tissue without troubling adjacent tooth, these can be retained in mouth with no concern as long as you can brush, floss and clean your teeth on regular basis. Removal of this teeth is important if it is partially erupted via tissue because it leads to inflammation or even infection.

The Dentist Strathroy helps you for this awful condition. We end your misery by providing you the right solution, within your means. We carefully examine your condition and later propose the right solution according to it. We care for your oral health and thus we make sure you don’t have to face a headache in name of solution.

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