Testosterone: What Is It? How Does It Work? Learn More!

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Testosterone is associated with males, even if produced by both sexes, as we already know. But there is a very clear reason to explain this: men are about 30 times as likely to testosterone as the female audience.

The production of testosterone is concentrated in the morning as soon as the man wakes up. At night time it tends to be slower.

The sexual behavior of men is based on the production of testosterone. It also increases libido. It stimulates sexual desire, on the other, it also increases aggressiveness. The strong presence of this hormone in men is what allows them to be more ‘rational’ than emotional, unlike women.


Some of its functions in the body are:

  • Strengthen bone structures;
  • Thickening of the voice – a process that occurs during the period of puberty;
  • Increase and possible growth of muscle mass;
  • First formation (also during the puberty phase) and maintenance of hairs (as well as with the beard);
  • Maturation and development of the sexual organs;

And as a complement to the treatment, also check a list with some foods that can help in the replacement of the hormone:

  • Healthy fats – nuts, almonds, walnuts, extra virgin olive oil, olives and other foods characterized as healthy fats, when consumed in greater amounts can stimulate the dosage of this hormone in the body;
  • The same is also true for fruits. Among those that stand out are the apple and the banana. Foods rich in vitamin C such as lemon, orange and tomato also help in the production of various hormones – and especially of testosterone, for men;
  • Lean meats – lean meats, besides helping in the diet are fundamental for the synthesis of testosterone in the body.
  • Male enhancement supplements: They are also natural source of increasing testosterone level if they’re not produce with synthetic substances. Read more about them at www.dietsinreview.com.