What are all of the Benefits of Forskolin?

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Is Forskolin is Great for Weight Loss and Your Health?

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but so does maintaining with your body with much needed vitamins and nutrients. To keep your body in great shape, doctors recommend a healthy diet and a daily exercise regimen. However, there are other things you can do to look good and feel great. Supplements can be a good way to get much of the vitamins and nutrients your body may be missing. In fact, certain supplements can have a positive effect on your workouts and health. Forskolin for example, is an all-natural supplement that comes from the Indian Coleus plant. It has important properties on a cellular level, with the ability to act as a reliable messenger in between your cells, prompting faster cell responses to hormones and other components in your body.

This amazing ability allows your body to have a more balanced environment; it also increases your metabolism, stabilizes your blood pressure and builds muscle. Forskolin was originally used in Ayurvedic traditions, an ancient methodology where disorders, serious health conditions and the like are remedied using natural and holistic means. For thousands of years, subscribers of this tradition have touted its effects and have claimed to have been cured of any number of diseases and disorders. Forskolin has been a part of this long-entrenched practice, and has aided in the eradication of a number of ailments. It grows only in parts of Nepal, India and Thailand and has been made available for use in the United States. It is part of the mint family and it considered a perennial shrub, and is cultivated from the bark of this plant and is synthesized as an oil. Local people also used this plant-based supplement by boiling it in teas and drinking it for their overall health.


Although you may not have heard about the benefits of forskolin, some in the scientific community are now becoming aware of how it can be used. One small study with obese males looked at how forskolin impacted their weight loss plans. The study found that those who regularly took forskolin gained more muscle mass, lost more body fat and experienced an increase in their levels of testosterone. Forskolin has even been used to treat glaucoma and some forms of cancer. It has even been touted as a helper in the internal delivery of some asthma medications, making them more effective for sufferers. In fact, Forskolin is reported to work by opening up the sacs that regulate blood flow, or bronchioles in the lungs as well as other critical passageways. Ashtma sufferers have reported better breathing and relief from constricted airways. They have also cited less attacks and even higher resistance against mold and other irritants. Forskolin is now highly sought after, with celebrities and doctors now realizing the benefits. Forskolin was even featured on the Dr. Oz show in 2014. In animal studies, forskolin also induced melanin production and helped to protect against dangerous UV rays.

How Can Forskolin Work for Me?

Nothing can replace diet and exercise. Losing weight is a mixture of eating right and being active. It is recommended that you get at least 30 minutes of activity a day and a diet high in protein, good fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Weight loss is, after all, about intake of calories vs. activity level. However, this isn’t the entire picture. You can add things to your diet that can help you lose weight and get healthier. Forskolin is a versatile supplement. It is natural and not as harsh as the so-called miracle pills on the market. They don’t require huge intakes of caffeine or a derivative that is dangerous in high concentrations. Instead, it can be taken as a pill or even inhaled as part of a holistic asthma treatment. Forskolin can help turbo-charge your metabolism so that you burn foods more efficiently, and it has the ability to lower high blood pressure.

You can take forskolin 30 to 45 minutes before a healthy meal and water. The important thing to remember is that forskolin is only effective if you take it every day and are consistent with your routine. Forskolin works by creating an enzyme that helps cells release fatty acids. These enzymes (lipase and adenylate cyclase) can decrease the amount of fat in the body without harming organs or disrupting the building of muscle. It is also thought to stimulate hormone production in the thyroid, thus triggering weight loss. This along with a routine of exercise that incorporates cardio and strength building can go a long way in reaching your fitness goals.


Forskolin also reportedly decreases the level of cortisol in our bodies. Cortisol is often cited as one of the main reasons we gain weight. It is associated with heavy stress and primes our bodies to hoard fat. This is due to our evolutionary history that prompted our ancestors to store fat in their bodies for times of stress which often included possible famine or lean times. Cortisol worked quite well with the biology of our early ancestors. Many of them were hunter/gatherers and living at a time where there were dangerous predators roaming freely. Cortisol was responsible for their fight or flight responses. Their bodies had higher levels of stress and most importantly, they had outlets for those responses. If they were stressed about food, they hunted. The chemicals responsible for their bodily responses (sharper vision, increased heart rate etc.) were much needed and were essential to their survival. Scientists have discovered that Paleolithic humans were exposed to a wide variety of day-to-day stressors that no longer apply. Every situation for them was life or death: birthing a child, obtaining food, seeking shelter etc. In today’s modern world, we no longer have to hunt for our food. We have grocery stores and supermarkets. We have hospitals and specialized doctors. In spite of this, our bodies have retained traits of our evolutionary past. We may be late to a meeting and experience a racing heart or feel threatened when crossing a busy street.

These situations often cause our bodies to become more susceptible to weight gain. In addition, we no longer have the active lifestyles of our ancestors. We have diets high in fats and cholesterol, and while these types of foods functioned well for people facing times of hardship, in today’s world, this is no longer the case. Forskolin helps to regulate the kinds of hormones involved in our daily stress, making it easier to lose weight and gain control of our health.

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