What Equipment Do I Need for a Home Gym?

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When it comes to building a home gym and staying in shape, this is a big trend that a lot of homeowners are engaging in. Not only are home gyms becoming increasingly affordable, but people are realizing just how easy it is to build the home gym of their dreams. Rather than having to stock it with tons of unnecessary equipment, you’ll learn in this article which pieces of equipment are absolutely vital to not only build a great home gym, but also, to not waste time with unnecessary pieces that would otherwise clog up and overflow your gym space.

A Squat Rack

Without a doubt, the most critical piece of equipment in your home gym will be your squat rack. You can not only use it to squat, but it will also serve as a great space to pull the barbell up from the floor in a deadlift or a bent-over row. This is a very good idea for people who are unfamiliar with basic exercises as it will also allow them to safely learn how to perform these movements as they become better as an athlete/amateur workout individual. With a rack, you can also place safety bars inside to do exercises like push presses and other similar movements.


A Pull Up Bar

Aside from your legs, your upper-body needs a powerful movement to really engage it and allow it to work its maximum strength capacity. Enter the pull-up bar. This simple apparatus will allow you to easily jump up on the bar and crank out a couple reps of pull-ups, perhaps the greatest exercise for building your back and arms. It’s important to acquire equipment that facilitates your entire body’s muscular growth because these are the most efficient exercises in terms of becoming stronger. For other exercises, it’s better to consider another piece of equipment, but your back and arms will immediately notice just how powerful they can be thanks to a pull-up bar.

Dip Station

Aside from a pull up bar and squat rack, some sort of dip station will also be critical to purchase. With a rack, you can build your legs and core in addition to your shoulders, but it will be absolutely critical that you buy other pieces of equipment to fill in the gaps when it comes building up your triceps and chest. This will easily be fixed with the purchase of a dip station.