All You Need To Know About Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

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Have you ever heard of a double eyelid surgery? You might be probably wondering what on earth is that and it might sound like it came out of a science fiction horror movie, but this is another type of cosmetic surgery focusing on the eyelids.

upper_eyelid_bleph1LG Double eyelid surgery, also known as a double fold surgery or Asian double fold surgery, sounds painful but is a common occurrence among many individuals living in Singapore.  It is a specialized form of eyelid surgery that alters the appearance of Asian eyes moving towards a more Westernized style.  This is accomplished by the surgeon making a distinct break in the upper eyelid and alteration of the overall eyelid contour.  Before undergoing this cosmetic surgery, it is important to have a full understanding of the procedure and results.  This article will provide information on what double eyelid surgery is and the consequences thereof.

Creating the Double Fold

As is mentioned above, the double fold surgery involves a breaking of the upper eyelid in order to redesign the eyelid completely; however, there are two methods whereby this can be done instead of one.  A method popular within the Asian culture is the placement of temporary stitches in the upper eyelid to create a wider upper crease.  Unfortunately, this procedure places the complete alteration on the presence of the threads and as these threads often fail this method is often temporary.

For a more permanent result it is recommended that one opt for the removal of eyelid tissue.  This surgery involves the doctor removing tissue to create a defined crease at the top of the eyelid platform.  This surgery is conducted under a local anesthetic in the doctor’s office; however, it can be completed in a hospital but the office is the more common option.  Recovery for both tissue removal and thread methods is approximately 10 days excluding the period of bruising.  The stitches obtained in the tissue removal method will be removed after approximately three weeks to ensure a permanent crease is created.cosmetic_eyelid_surgery

Can The Surgery Westernize Eyes?

The primary aim for many individuals who undergo this surgery is to ‘westernize’ the appearance of their eyes.  While this may be considered the purpose of the surgery, it is in fact not the overall premise.  A double eyelid surgery is conducted to alter the eye appearance and round the eyelid creating a well-defined upper fold.  Effective procedures will enhance one’s natural beauty and provide an eyelid structure that will complement one’s natural features, not westernize the eye appearance.

Does The Eye Size Matter?

An individual’s eye size is measured by the amount of white area that can be seen.  This being the case, many Asian individuals have smaller eyes than other nationalities which is due to their cultural heritage.  Of course, this does not mean the eye itself is smaller than another individual’s eye; instead, the eyelid is lower causing an appearance of small eyes.  Does this matter? Yes and no.  All surgeries must be tailored to meet personal circumstances; however there is no set procedure for large or small eyes.  To ensure one has a positive result it is necessary for the doctor to complete a pre-surgery eye examination.

Final Words on the Matter

As can be seen there are various factors one must consider before undergoing a double eyelid surgery.