Pillow with a Hole

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Crafted by hand in the United Kingdom, The Original Pillow With A Hole, or Original P.W.A.H™ has successfully treated pressure sores, chronic ear pain and generally sore ears for a long time.


Do you sleep on your side night after night? Are you elderly or disabled? If yes is the answer to any of these questions, you may well need one of our pillows with a hole at some point in your life. Ideally you would use one as a preventative measure but they are equally useful, indeed even more so, if you were to develop a pressure sore or a condition such as CNH. We have had hundreds of testimonials from our customers telling us that chronic ear conditions, ear conditions which have not resolved themselves nor have they responded to medical treatment, have completely resolved after using our pillows for just a matter of weeks. Check out our testimonials here for more information on how The Original Pillow With a Hole is helping other people and how it could help you, too. http://thepillowwithahole.co.uk/testimonials/

The idea behind our pillows is simple. Most ear conditions are caused by the pressure and friction of your own pillow acting on your ear over time. Eventually the skin of the ear breaks down and a painful lesion is formed. This is especially true in the elderly as your skin becomes thinner with age.

Once formed; this lesion or pressure sore will not go away unless the source of pressure is removed. That is why you need a pillow with a hole. When you use our pillows, your ear is ensconced in a protective bubble of air which keeps your ear from the mattress and allows it to heal naturally and quickly. You can also buy a pillowcase from our website to allow for easier cleaning, extra comfort and increased longevity of the pillow. Take a look at http://thepillowwithahole.co.uk for more information or to buy one your own Original P.W.A.H™.

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