What in life is an illusion?

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Life biggest illusions all relate to things that we create inside our own minds. From things we love to things we hate, that feeling we get is real to us because we experience it, but in the long run is an illusion. Often these feelings are strong, but are also wrongly perceived. The most prevalent illusion that most people experience is fear. Fear plays tricks on the mind and distorts how the brain normally organizes information.


How does Fear affect us?

Fear can cripple us and cause us to make unsound decisions, or it can help us achieve things we never thought we could. Although it can take a toll on our minds and bodies, fear is often very temporary. Fear tells us that the probability of failure is greater than the probability of success. This can act either as a depressor or a motivator.

So how do we identify if we are dealing with fear, and how do we overcome it?

Identifying fear is simple. Anytime there is something unknown that makes you act different than you usually would if the stimulus was not present creates tension, anxiety and fear. If you find yourself not meeting new people because you fear they won’t like you, and this prevents you from going out and socializing, you have built an illusion of fear. All fear is just recognizing that something is unknown.

So how do we overcome our fears?

By building self-confidence through small and repeatable actions, we can eradicate our susceptibility to fear.Trying things outside your comfort zone will decrease the fears you have in everyday life. Exposing ourselves little by little to new things, we can retrain our mind to be accepting of things we don’t know. Lose your fear of failure and your world will begin to change in front of your eyes.

Max is a consultant for Point Above, a mindfulness, leadership and business coach based out of New Orleans, Louisiana.